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Lily Park is located at the corner of 8th Avenue and South Riverside Drive in Indialantic Florida. It was named afer Lily Givens who was an early member of Garden Club by the Sea. The Park is maintained by the current members of Garden Club by the Sea and the City of Indialantic.

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Lily Givens was a very charming and artistic Southern lady who was active in Indialantic in the early 1970's. Lily and her gusband, retired Army Colonel Willis Givens, moved north from Vero Beach, where she had been very active in city beautification and garden club. Immediately, Lily became involved in her new town and was invited to join Garden Club by the Sea.

She was a dainty lady, always dressed in long glowing skirts of beautiful colors and flower.  Her southern drawl reminded you of magnolias and mint juleps. I always felt she had stepped straight out of the page of Gone with the Wind.  Lily had many ideas to present to the town to develop the parks and to beautify the avenues.  The town was just beginning to drow and didn't have the budget to pursue all the suggestions, but she did charm them into beginning development of the parks and beginning landscaping.


At the time, Ms Lily became very involved in Garden Club by the Seas and chaired most postions, in cluding Ways and Means and the Presidency in 1979 and 1980.  She loved horticulture and often chaired that postion for Flower Shows.  Somehow Club funds often found themselves involved in our town parks.  When the park at 8th Avenue and South Riverside Drive finally received some landscaping, there was no water to keep it green and the town took little interest in keeping it weeded.  many times,k Ms Lily, in her lovely long sleeved floral gown with er large grimmed hat, with sleeves rolled up and her garden gloves on, could be seen bending over the gardens trowel in away.  She looked gorgeous as you drove by, but we all know whe had to be uncomfortable!  Somehow Lily talked the neighbor into allowing the use of her hose to water the park until the well was finally drilled.


Now you know why it is called Lily Park. That's the kind of spirit it takes to ge things done. And those of us who knew her well remember she had the spirit to be a caring loving memorable person...a real STEEL MAGNOLIA.


Respectfully submitted by Dory Fredrickson, Historian 11/99



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