Save the Monarch Butterfly


We are in danger of losing a great natural wonder that is the Monarch Butterfly. In the past years there has been a sharp decrease in the number of Monarchs participating in one of the world’s great migrations. The Monarch flies south to Mexico in the cold months of the year to hibernate. They once covered nearly 50 acres and now covering less than five. We find ourselves in this predicament because of the eradication of Milkweed. This is the ONLY food that the caterpillar monarch will eat and is where the adults lay eggs. No Milkweed, no Monarch. This weed is toxic if eaten by humans and spreads fast, most commonly affecting hungry livestock, though this is not a risk in most backyards. I have a small child and thus have more risk, I simply tie red plastic ribbon around plants that she should not touch. This includes things that have spines or are

Help save the Monarch butterfly by taking these steps: Plant some milkweed in a corner of your yard, order some caterpillars and dump them on your established plants. Save an endangered species!

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