Has it been sultry enough for you this summer; humid enough? This is truly wilting weather so it’s tough to acknowledge that it’s time to start your cool season garden of edible plants. You can wait a bit longer if you buy nursery starts, but if you enjoy eating vine-ripened, richly flavored tomatoes you need to plant seeds now.

Tom McCubbin suggests the following varieties for fall planting from seed: Sweet Treat, Sweet Chelsea, Solid Gold, Champion, Big Beef and Bella Rosa. These gave him the most consistent and reliable production in 2014. Here is a webpage with almost everything you need to know about growing tomatoes. It has a list of other tomatoes to consider broken into groups by type:

Tomatoes, pole beans, sweet corn, okra, shallots, green onions, southern peas, pumpkin, squash, and watermelon all start well from seed. Other crops that grow well include broccoli, eggplant, peppers, collards,

There are so many ways to incorporate tomatoes and other vegetables in the home landscape. Grow tomatoes in containers including pots, grow boxes, barrels, or even sacks of good garden soil.

Or try Square Foot Gardening:

Uof F’s Gardening Solutions website is an invaluable resorce where you’ll find all kinds of information and guidance.

Gardening for Edibles

I leave you with a photo from the Floirda State Archives of a Bradenton woman gardening in 1951, which will make you grateful for the wonderful air-conditioned house you can repair to after your exertions.

Happy Gardening!

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