President’s Message

Dear fellow gardeners,

I hope everyone enjoyed your holidays with loved ones. I was very blessed to have my parents with us this Christmas! I really appreciate that special time with them! By now we have either put away our holiday decorations or we’re dreading that task. It’s always more enjoyable embellishing our homes with our holiday decor, than putting it all away! When I first take down my decorations, I feel like my house looks empty, but then I think it feels clean and fresh. I love decorating for Christmas, but I also love that fresh and invigorating feeling I get once the decorations are neatly stored for next year. The beginning of a new year seems like the perfect time for starting fresh. It’s a great time to start fresh with our diets, our spending, our daily schedules and activities. It’s also a good time to lightly freshen our gardens. Since January is usually not so hot, we can really enjoy working in our gardens. I sure am enjoying this cooler January weather! Now is also the time for our club to start thinking about planning the upcoming Spring District VI meeting. I’m excited that we are hosting this year’s meeting. Garden Club by the Sea works hard at whatever we do and thanks to everyone’s efforts, we’re always successful in our endeavors. I look forward to meeting with the District Director this month and then getting together with our planning committee, as we begin to plan and make the necessary preparations for hosting this event. Since our club takes such pride in everything we do, I know we’ll host this meeting in great style! I appreciate everyone and all you efforts and I wish you a great 2016! May you and your loved ones be blessed with good health and much happiness! Happy New Year everyone.

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