President's Message

March 1, 2016


Dear fellow gardeners,

  Happy March and greetings from southern California. I’m

visiting my daughter and precious granddaughter who’s al-

ready ten months old!

  We took a drive today to the Antelope Valley Poppy Re-

serve to see the poppy fields. I’ve also enjoyed the bounti-

ful blooming cherry blossoms! I am blessed to be visiting

during this gorgeous time of year and I wanted to share

the beauty with you. Please enjoy these pictures I took for


  Our club has a busy spring. We are working on the up-

coming FFGC District VI meeting we’ll be hosting at EGYC

on April 26th. Please be prepared to help when asked, as

the event will require everyone’s participation in some way.

  Also, please remember that April is our time to host the

SBGC on the first Monday at the Melbourne Library.

  I wish you and your loved ones many blessings during

Easter and Passover.

  Happy gardening!

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