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To All Dues Paying Members, Beginning March 1st you will be able to renew your club membership online. You can do this even if your club is sending in a list of renewals. Online renewals are processed first. This is a simple process and does not include payment - you will continue to make your payment to the club. Find complete instructions (3 steps) with pictures below. Renewing online has many benefits:

1. no interruption in membership status or in receipt of the magazine

2. less work for your club and more accuracy in reporting

3. provides the opportunity for you to verify your personal member information

4. provides the opportunity for you to make changes, upload pictures, etc.

How to Renew online: Once you're logged in, Click on your name at the top of the screen to be taken to your profile page (Step 1). Then Click on the Renew button (Step 1) and Save your renewal by Clicking on the Update and Next button (Step 3). You're renewed!

Download instructions


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