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Tip: Cinnamon deters fungus Used 10/15 Dip plant stems and cuttings in cinnamon before planting to prevent fungal Infection. Cinnamon makes a good substitute for store-bought rooting hormone powders. Most orchid growers use cinnamon every time they report. Sprinkle on divided roots, cuts in stems, etc.

Helpful Gardening Websites

Spring is the time to redesign beds and borders filling in with Florida friendly plants that require little maintenance, fertilizer or supplemental water, and that attract birds, bees, and butterflies. The web sites below offer information on optimum plants for your landscape:

Amazing in-depth site’s “YARD 911” answers questions ranging from “What can I plant that won’t require any care” and “What is the best mulch” to “How do I make my yard look like those gorgeous landscapes I see in magazines?”

Florida-Friendly Landscaping at

Florida Friendly Plants Lists from Riverview Flower Farm

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