A Family Garden

One of the best parts of my garden is how it brings my family together. We spend our evenings and weekends outside together. The kids love to watch the plants grow, especially the ones we eat, Proud to collect our food before dinner or as a snack.

​​We watch the butterfly's flit from place to place. Together we plant and plant and plant. Our yard was almost bare when we moved in and now have many little gardens that have their good days and bad days.

My daughter always corrects me "No Mommy is Our garden."

Sadly the ​​majority of our butterfly gardens were replanted by Erma, but we keep planting, and soon all the lovely butterfly will be back. That is my favorite part of the garden​​.

Today is my birthday! No doubt Where I am, for years I have spent my birthday in the garden. Friends drop by and at the end of the day the next year is planted and ready to grow!

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