The Fountains of Melbourne

The Fountains of Melbourne has an active Garden Club that is made up residents that live there. They take great care in planning, planting, maintaining and loving their gardens. The Fountains had elevated garden boxes built for the residents so that it more convenient and at a height that was ideal for them to continue their passion. There is a wide variety of garden assortments to be found from flowers, plants, succulents, fruits, vegetables and much more. Soon The Fountains’ Garden Club plans on expanding to include some varieties such as watermelons and pumpkins. Since these grow on the ground and require some

“down in the dirt” assistance, we are planning to partner with a local boy scout pack to be part of our garden to help. This will provide the boy scouts with a service project and provide the intergenerational programing that The Fountains has been known to support for nearly 30 years. For more information on The Fountains’ Garden Club or to plan a visit, contact me directly. Thank you

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