Fertilizer Ban:

No fertilizing with nitrogen or phosphorus from June 1st through September 30th to give the Indian River Lagoon a break from the chemicals that feed the algae blooms killing the seagrasses so critical to feeding and sheltering marine life. While fertilizer isn't the only source of nutrients in the lagoon, it is a major one. Air pollution, leaking septic tanks, pet waste and groundwater also contribute nitrogen and phosphorus to the lagoon, with each pound capable of fueling the growth of more than 500 pounds of algae. Indialantic has strengthened its ordinance to always require a 25-foot buffer zone from all water.

INDIALANTIC ORDINANCE SECTION 2. That Sec. 18-16 of the Town Code of the Town of Indialantic is hereby amended to read as follows: Sec. 18-16. FERTILIZER CONTENT AND APPLICATION RATES.

a) Fertilizers applied to turf and/or landscape plants within the Town shall be applied in accordance with requirements and directions provided by Rule 5E-1.003(2), Florida Administrative Code, Labeling Requirements for Urban Turf Fertilizers. (b) No fertilizer containing phosphorus shall be applied to turf or landscape plants unless a soil or tissue deficiency has been verified by an approved test. (b) Nitrogen or phosphorus fertilizer shall not be applied to turf or landscape plants except as provided in (a) above for turf, or in UF/IFAS recommendations for landscape plants, vegetable gardens, and fruit trees and shrubs, unless a soil or tissue deficiency has been verified by an approved test.

Soil solarization: Clean up your vegetable garden and solarize the soil to kill pests and disease. See Soil Solarization: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/topic_soil_solarization

Tip – Small Shrubs: Here on the beach we have an extra-long growing season so if you want to spend less time on garden maintenance select shrubs with a slow or moderate growth rate. Small or dwarf shrubs are especially suited as foundation plants, by entryways, under low windows, in front of railings, grouped in mass plantings, in front of a row of taller shrubs for a layered look, bordering a walkway or drive, and girdling the base of palms, a mailbox, or other structure.

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