Bougainvillea add color to the landscape. Plant now for bloom next spring and summer.

The newer dwarf varieties make wonderful bedding plants and are easier to care for. The most popular dwarf variety is the Helen Johnson bougainvillea; a versatile and hardy shrub you can keep trimmed to 3 feet. The blossoms are bright pink with a hint of purple, and newly opening flower bracts are slightly pinkish-orange.

Other popular varieties :

Barbara Karst (red);

California Gold (gold);

Elizabeth Angus (large purple);

Helen Johnson (dwarf red);

James Walker (magenta pink);

Miami Pink (pink);

Ms. Alice (white);

New River (dark purple);

Pink Pixie (dwarf pink);

Raspberry Ice (red);

Rosenka (dwarf gold/pink);

Silhouette (light purple);

Sundown Orange (orange);

Surprise (single pink);

Viki (pink and white).

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