In the Garden - what to plant

Irises by Van Gogh, 1889 – J. Paul Getty Museum

What to Plant

Trees and Shrubs: Most varieties. Consider planting a small tree to replace trees lost in the storms of the past several years; perhaps, a flowering accent tree. Sally Scalera suggests

Annuals / Bedding Plants: Replace declining winter annuals with colorful heat-tolerant annuals, such as crossandra, gazania, salvia, melampodium, and zinnia that will last into fall. See Annuals

Bulbs: Plant gladiola corms 6 inches apart and 4 inches deep; stake as they grow. Plant caladium for a showy tropical display all summer. See Bulbs for Florida

Herbs: In addition to their culinary value, many herbs are ornamental and attract butterflies to the garden. See Herbs

Vegetables: This is the last month to plant arugula, beans, cantaloupe, carrots, celery sweet corn, endive, okra, radish, squashes, Swiss chard, and watermelon. See Vegetable Gardening in Florida

Keys to a Successful Vegetable Garden: varieties of plants selected for our conditions, good soil, adequate light, irrigation, fertilization, and attention.

Restoring Soil Nutrients – from Mother Earth News

Bonus: 12 critical soil nutrients plants need for healthy growth & how to supply them.

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