Fall is a fabulous time to add some porch planters or to re-design the ones you have. With the changing season we embrace new flowers and a new color palette. Orange is a major fall color of course, and yellow is a great accent, along with the ever present green. Purple, as a fellow secondary color, provides a wonderful contrast to orange.

Mums are a standard of fall planters, but many other plants are just as wonderful. We have some plant suggestions for getting those fall colors you may not have considered. Remember, when selecting plants for your containers think “ thriller” (something eye-catching), “filler” (greenery or something to fill the spaces), and “spiller” (plants that cascade out of containers add a nice touch). For ideas visit:

This lovely container has it all: orange crotons, an orange-flowering spiller, tall feathery ornamental grass, and peeking out from the back, deep purple ornamental pepper.

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