With these two celebrations in full swing throughout September, it’s the perfect time to highlight the synergistic relationship between two of our favorite things: mushrooms and bees.

Did You Know that bees sleep in flowers? I had no idea until daughter India sent a picture of bees dozing in Rudbeckia petals. I started Googling and it turns out that honey bees generally sleep in their hive for six to eight hours a night (while holding each other’s legs - how sweet is that?). However, many types of wild bees are solitary. They don’t nest and will nap in flowers while out foraging.

Bees are amazing creatures. As I Googled, I learned that scientists at Cambridge University in England found that honeybees, with only 0.01% of the neurons that humans have, can recognize and remember individual human faces.

Here is a fascinating fact about all insect pollinators. They appear to have “smelly feet”, helping them figure out whether a flower has been visited recently (it’s only worth landing if there’s nectar!) They also know the “recharge times” of the specific flowers they’re visiting, so they can gauge exactly when their next nectar reward will be ready for sipping. (

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