January 29, 2019

We are a part of the earth and it is a part of us. The perfumed flowers are our sisters; the deer, the horse, the great eagle, these are our brothers. The rocky crests, the juices in the meadows, the body heat of the pony, and people - all belong to the same family.


January 25, 2019

Valuable horticultural information is only a click away at the University of Florida Extension Service/ Brevard County website.

Take a Look: http://brevard.ifas.ufl.edu/Horticulture/index.shtml

UF Resources for Gardeners

UF/IFAS Publications (EDIS): http://edis.ifas.ufl.e...

January 17, 2019

University of Florida Extension has a lot of good container gardening information

For how-to info and ideas see the Guide to Container Gardening, which explains how to select a container, light exposure, the growing medium, fertilizer, watering requirements and lists a...

January 16, 2019

Don’t toss your spent amaryllis.

This article by Anne Lambrecht,

Marion County Master Gardener explains how to enjoy these gorgeous flowers in your garden for many years. 

January 7, 2019

Hello Ladies!  I just want to share some photos of my blooming Leopard Plant farfugium japonicum (also called the Tractor Seat plant for obvious reasons).  The bees are loving it and so am I!  It generally likes shade but my plants get  about 5 hours of...

January 7, 2019

Cover tender plants with blankets, quilts or a mattress pad. If you will be using a plastic tarp, you will need to construct a frame around the plant to keep the plastic away from the foliage. If the cold front is forecasted to be windy, you will want to secure the cov...

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April 27, 2020

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